Hiring the Refrigeration Repair Mobile

As most readers are familiar with the pressures and temperatures of R22 used in AC units, many of commercial refrigeration are also using R22. Hopefully, this will make it easier to understand the differences and similarities between the two types of applications. The more popular refrigerants used in new commercial refrigeration are R134a and R404A. Some R22 equipments are still being produced but at a lesser volume as the phase-out year 2010 approaches. The use of blended refrigerants has required refrigeration repair Mobile technicians to learn new skills but has not been the problem the industry once feared.

There are four basic components of the refrigeration systems are evaporator, condenser, compressor, and metering device. A thorough understanding of these components is necessary before moving on to the many accessories, operating controls, and safeties. Technicians should always follow factory specifications and recommendations. However, there are times when a Technician's Rules of Thumb (TROT) can help speed up the diagnostic process.  In commercial refrigeration, as in any service business, time is money. The quicker a technician can diagnose a problem, the more efficient he is. Better efficiency means more success for the technician and her company. Just as important to success is a technician's positive attitude as a result of working at something he enjoys. It is important that one find the best refrigeration repair Mobile technician or professional that is certified and licensed by the state. Check the rates and reputation of the professional before hiring for the repair project or work.

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